Dom Savant 2017 Art of Hip Hop Conference: Hip Hop is Global Instrumentals Vol. 1

Brandon “Bsmoove” Monore - Music Education major from Windsor, CT Instagram: @BsmooveProductions Twitter: @_b_smoove Soundcloud: Caribbean Cameron Warren - Audio Production major from Pittsburgh, PA Instagram: @icanmw Soundcloud: Baro, Guinee Africa Anthony “Davincii” Phillips - Sophomore, Audio Production Teaneck, NJ Instagram: @1davincii Soundcloud: India Jason “Cowboy.HipHop” James – Computer Science major from Upper Marlboro, MD Instagram: @thebabynamedjay Twitter: @jiggy_frontiers Soundcloud: Columbia

  • Producer: Bsmoove, Cam, Davicnii & and Cowboy.HipHop
  • Runtime: 44 minutes, 15 songs
  • Release Date: February 11, 2017