Sanjay Nair ITS NOT THE ECONOMY #4 (SANJAY NAIR) - 5 points digital for a smart client


Have you already hired a digital marketing technician for branding your business?? Hmmm, seems like you already did and now sitting back and relaxing. Hey, wait!! Do you really think your role is completed?? No!! You still have to fasten your seat and work with your providers to market your product more effectively and efficiently. Being a paying agent doesn’t mean your job is over, be proactive and make every process work to meet the high expectation which you have set for your business. Before making any decision, ask for an audit report. Understand the elements that measure your business. Make sure fresh and unique content is provided on regular basis and many more… Listen to my latest podcast to know the easy to follow tips to be a Smart Digital Client. Visit:

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