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Eddy Billz Craving

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Eddy Billz

We humans at some point get to crave for lots of things in life, it might be material things like clothes, jewelries, cars wait a minute we sometimes crave for a particular type of food or an emotional entanglement with fellow humans. This song “Craving” is an expression of love to a girl, telling her how beautiful she is in and out, assuring her of true love and friendship despite the fact that other guys try sweet talking their way into her life. I bet true love comes with comfort, peace of mind and i pray you don’t let go at the end of the day. To be sincere, all those other guys just want to sweet talk their way into your life just to have a taste of you then leave you heart broken, buh i’m here hoping, i’m here wishing and always craving for you. You are my powerful desire.

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