Young Gii Islands To The City

  • Feat. D2G & Lina Love

With the desire to become a music icon for the new generations to come, Bahamian Artist YOUNG Gii continues to leave his mark in music by releasing yet another highly anticipated EP, ‘Islands to the City’ also known as, ‘ITTC.’ YOUNG Gii continues to give his listeners raw and uncut lyrics but with this new project he opens up about making the transition to the City of Chicago from The Bahamas, the Island where he calls home. You can expect collaborations with hit Producers such as Ozbourne, C-Sick, Yung Exclusive and Fireman. You will also hear tracks with singer Lina Love, whose voice graced one of YOUNG Gii’s latest singles, ‘Yean Never Seen.’ Stay tuned for what’s next from YOUNG Gii as he makes his way in the world of music.

  • Producer: C-Sick, Yung Exclusive, Ozbourne & Fireman
  • Runtime: 26 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date: April 16, 2015