iACLO Nobody Till U Become Somebody

  • Album: ''Quiet-Bad-Guy''


Nobody Till U Become Somebody'' is iACLO's 3rd single for the year 2020 from the yet to release EP he titled '' Quiet-Bad-Guy''. The song has the iACLO's musical thing: Melody, hard rhythm, message, clubbing, soulful and the afro-conga accompaniment. Above all, The song talks about the common rejection people face at the very beginning of any area of life ( socially, maritally and love affair) due to their low status and the latter acceptance one gets when success has triumphed. iACLO has the voice to sing and his melody arrests the soul. Enjoy listening...

  • Producer: iACLO
  • Album: ''Quiet-Bad-Guy''
  • Release Date: