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Mista Cain CM4: Til My Heart Stop

Hustle Hearted

When it comes to the sound and culture of rap coming out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it is important to acknowledge those who originated the movement. Mista Cain put a stamp on a sound that mainstream labels once ignored. Today, those same labels are capitalizing off this style of rap and it is time that people understand the history of how it all came about. Cain Muzik began flooding the streets of Louisiana and surrounding areas in 2010 and established a trend of a raw and uncut sound that highlighted the struggles and hate that came from trying to be successful in Baton Rouge. The rap industry’s most renowned artist from Baton Rouge were heavily influenced by Mista and a few even aspired to be a part of his group Cain Muzik Mafia. Many followed his blueprint.

  • Runtime: 41 minutes, 17 songs
  • Release Date: