Doughboy Clay - Story Untold (Mixtape) Doughboy Clay - Story Untold Tracklist: 1.Intro 2.Real Nigga Ave (Feat. Payroll Giovanni & Kook The Kashcow) 3.Brothers Keeper (Feat. Doughboy Roc & Rezze Money) 4.Plan A, Plan B (Feat. Doughboy Dre & Kiddo) 5.They Know It (Feat. Calhoun Cashout) 6.Mindspeaking (Feat. Doughboy Roc, Big Quis & Payroll Giovanni) 7.Money In The Wall 8.Glad When It's Over (Feat. Yadi Roc & Doughboy Dre) 9.Ocean 10.Strike A Pose (Feat. Kiddo & Big Quis) 11.I Wonder (Feat. Doughboy Dre & Kook The Kashcow) 12.Wealthy (Feat. 44G) 13.Ball 4Ever 14.All Becasue I Hustle (Feat. Doughboy Dre & Big Quis) 15.Ole Lady (Feat. Big Money Rich) 16.All For You 17.I Been Hustling (Feat. Big Quis)

  • Runtime: 61 minutes, 17 songs
  • Release Date: January 25, 2018