HNIC - Forever About Money 2 (Mixtape) Latest Project from Detroits own HNIC. See for your self what all the buzz is about for booking contact @pesh_tarentino @hnicken or @hnicfam_ent on twitter HNIC - Forever About Money 2 Tracklist: 1.Bag Money -Pesh FT Dnice,Peezy(Teameastside) (2) 2.We working-Sauce,Jmo,Pesh FT DBCO Clay 3.Like a real boss-Sauce,Trio FT Teameastside Dame (2) 4.Chief Boss-J MO (2) 5.Cant make this up-J mo,Ken,Pesh FT Teameastside Peezy 6.Im plugged-Pesh,Trio,Sauce FT Icewear Vezzo 7.Im winning-Trio (2) 8.Street life-Sauce FT DBCO Clay 9.Good Life-Sauce,Pesh FT GT(Dirty Glove) (2) 10.Show me-Ken,Pesh and J mo 11.I got her-Sauce (2) 12.Right back at it-J mo,Ken,Pesh (2) 13.Night and Day-Pesh,Ken,J mo,Sauce (2) 14.Selling out-Pesh FT L.O.M Rudy and H4L Moe M

  • Runtime: 68 minutes, 17 songs
  • Release Date: January 14, 2018