Hard Knock Life Podcast 022: Hip-Hop & Sports The Business


Hip-Hop's history with professional sports is as old as Hip-Hop itself. Pro athletes have wanted to be rappers. Rappers have wanted to be pro athletes. In this episode, the gang explores how the two industries make money together. Next week, the music. Also, a tribute to Nipsey Hussle. Guest: Melton, IG: instagram.com/notmarinkd (STILL DON'T FORGET TO #CANCELMELTON) Powered by Classic Material NY IG: instagram.com/classicmaterialny Hosted & moderated by lion goodman TW: twitter.com/lionofbedstuy, IG: instagram.com/lionofbedstuy Co-hosted by THECAINMARKO TW: twitter.com/thecainmarko, IG: instagram.com/thecainmarko Executive produced by Mika TW: twitter.com/ft_mika_, IG: instagram.com/ft_mika_ Visuals by Modern Marvel TW: twitter.com/SimplyDop3, IG: instagram.com/marvin_h

  • Producer: Mika & lion goodman
  • Release Date: April 10, 2019

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