Mr. Serv-On x Big Pun From N.Y. To N.O. (1999)

  • Album: Da Next Level (1999)


Older track from No Limit And TS The two went on location in New York City to film the video for "NY to NO," the first single from Serv-On's upcoming sophomore album, "Da Next Level." According to Pun, the song's title refers to the general unity between rappers as a whole, and more specifically, the bond between the Terror Squad and the No Limit crew. "It's dope," Pun told the MTV Radio Network, "because you know it's two of the strongest families in hip-hop. Everybody knows that we the realest and illest MCs comin' up right now."

  • Producer: Beats By The Pound
  • Album: Da Next Level (1999)
  • Release Date: September 16, 2016