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HiCoup Beast of Burden EP


Conceptually, Beast of Burden explains HiCoup’s current stage of life and his necessary hiatus from music. Beast of Burden recounts his growing pains into adulthood; trading a music career for one of hard manual labor in order to provide a household for his son after years of fighting for legal custody. The song “Concrete Jungle Bunny” examines the unsavory aspects of HiCoup’s upbringing with the positive influences he had with academia and the art world, and how he reconciles them in his adult life. A collaboration with acclaimed producer DJ Johnny Juice of Public Enemy, the tracks bring a distinct retro sound with clear influences of 60’s blues and 70’s soul. Together, HiCoup and Johnny Juice make Beast of Burden both sonically engaging and lyrically compelling.

  • Producer: Johnny Juice
  • Runtime: 19 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date:


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