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Hello White People Hello, Blacked Dot Com


If you know porn then the answer is YES the title is named after that site. We're joined by the superstars from The Oprah Rose Show to talk GG foraging with white people, TT's threesome with Trump & YesJulz, Orlando unpacking his difference between feelings and mental health, and Julius with whitochondria. Todays Topic: White Person of the Month White Action of the Month Threesome, Marry, Kill FOLLOW US & GUEST: Oprah Rose Show (Instagram): @Theoprahroseshow (Twitter): @Oprahroseshow GG (Instagram & Twitter): @GGmoney17 TT (Instagram & Twitter): @Tiaraj_h Orlando (Instagram & Twitter): @Dearorlandoroye Julius (Instagram & Twitter): @funnyjulius SPONSOR: Chef Nakai (Instagram & Twitter): @Chefnakaico Beyond The Bar (Instagram): @Beyondthebarmusic (Twitter): @_Beyondthebar (YouTube): Beyond The Bar Music

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