HCM Gang HCM Is The Gang: Reloaded

The Rochester, NY based production company HCM Gang, better known as High Caliber Music, re-releases HCM IS THE GANG: Reloaded, with 4 new records and re-masters of the original records that were released over a year ago. The mixtape features HCM artists: JD Riggz, INF!, Eastside Ea$¥, Shée Blue, Hundoe Luck & KXL, rapping over stellar and versatile production from the likes of Rahk, Lonestarr, Andrew Lloyd, Jimmy Dukes, Johnny Juliano and many more. While all the artists on HCM are currently working on their solo projects, this tape serves as both a reminder to fans and critics why HCM is a collective force to be reckoned with and provides a small glimpse of what's yet to come. Stream/Download the tape for free at High Caliber Music's official website: ThisIsHCM.com

  • Runtime: 75 minutes, 20 songs
  • Release Date: July 1, 2015