JD Riggz God's Gift 2

After a long 2+ year delay and many setbacks, JD finally completes and drops God's Gift 2. This follow up to 2014's God's Gift mixtape is a 13 track collection with all new songs and original production by the likes of JD Riggz, Jimmy Dukes, BNJMN, Lonestarr, Djay Cas, Trox, DK The Punisher, KXL and more along with guest apperances from The HCM Gang(Shée Blue, Eastside Ea$¥, INF!, Trellove), Scolla, Crystal Caines, Mic Johnson & Billy Danze of M.O.P. JD Riggz returns after 2 years dealing with a slew of issues including(but not limited too) job loss, depression, writer's block, losing faith in GOD, a bad break-up and the idea of quitting from the music scene totally which you will hear him touch on more in depth on this mixtape. God's Gift 2 combines late 90s and early 00s hip-hop, gospel, funky and R&B sounds mixed with today's content to make this release something you'll never forget. Now Available to stream on Spotify, Youtube & Tidal.

  • Runtime: 46 minutes, 13 songs
  • Release Date: December 9, 2016