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Haywise_official Mindset

People create for different reasons, the emotions and bedrock of creativity are often different but all Masterpieces stems from MOTIVATION. Haywise is definitely motivated to tell a story, to make the audience understand that while on a quest for prominence there’s a need to stay ON THE LOW like a duck paddles under water, he seeks something maybe an ALBANIAN GIRL. REMEMBER, music is about transcending your message in melodies and rhythms and he definitely did that on this EP. The rising and FALLING of notes just proves his vocal prowess which make the spine quiver like you are listening to the legendary SADE ADU. So enjoy this EP, listen and share, live it it’s just one life(AYE KAN), explore it no dey form OMO PASTOR. Get lost in MINDSET

  • Runtime: 27 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date: