PR Dean Wild Germanz


Wild Germanz is off the PR Dean upcoming compilation album "B.A.S.E" (Bobbito And Stretch Era). Wild Germanz is a track of 6 Puerto Ricans (Borikwas) emcess showing there Mic skills with Super Producer Domingo on the beat also Puerto Rican. I wanted to show the Hip Hop world that Latinos especially Puerto Ricans can spit with the best of them and been here since day one. It seems that every other Race gets there props but the Puerto Ricans (The Co-Creators of Hip Hop). Hip Hop heads need to do they research on our history in this culture. Also in the works and part of the upcoming compilation album is "Underground Railroad" Pt.4. Go to Spotify or Apple Music and check out "Underground Railroad" 1 to 3 dope Hip Hop. IG & Twitter @PRDean ::: Hardtimes Records :::

  • Producer: Domingo
  • Album: PR Dean Presents: B.A.S.E (Bobbito And Stretch Era)
  • Release Date: January 4, 2017