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SamuelJones. Pathway.

"Pathway." is a piece of music created in the time span of one and a half years. The word "pathway" represents my path as a young, independent artist, and also as a Christian/servant of Jesus living in a dark world. Many of these tracks are primarily talking about my journey in the music industry and the process of working hard to get my music heard. Other tracks talk in depth about my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My faith is imperfect, and there a lot of times when I don't feel right with God. But Jesus always brings me back to Him, and He puts on the right "pathway" again and again. This EP has many different vibes/moods and HipHop styles. I truly believe that there is a track for every HipHop fan on this EP. The vibes vary from trap type song to old school boom bap. I am....

  • Runtime: 19 minutes, 7 songs
  • Release Date: