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Sicario Sosa Cascade St

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"Cascade St" is the debut EP by American born rapper Sicario Sosa. This project features production from Ayden, Din & Peety Smooth and encompasses the true essence of what hip-hop is meant to be. Serving as a memoir of sorts, Sicario discusses everything from Financial Hardship, Relationship Issues and all out affairs, while creating a soundscape that listeners can become engulfed in. In light of the pandemic, Sosa was able to come together with executive producers Mario Mejia & Ayden Melatti to piece together this masterpiece in merely a day's time. Sosa, along with Hardtimes Records, is just one of the many artists helping to propel lyricism back to the forefront of the culture. After listening to "Cascade St" you can safely say, Hip-hop is alive and well! /C\

  • Runtime: 12 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date: