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Handel and Khoblac Secrets


Handel and Khoblac's EP, "Secrets," is a captivating voyage into the self that propels the Nigerian artist's Afrobeat talent into intriguing new terrain. As the EP begins to take off, Handel's guitars ring out in brilliant intensity. It's a time of self-awareness and acknowledgment, but it's also a moment of booming confidence, acceptance, and excitement: The beginning of a new chapter; the embracing of a new beginning; the open-mindedness to comfortably glide into the future. Secrets, is as dramatic as it is heart-on-sleeve genuine. Its sincere words are bolstered by a succession of captivating, emotionally-charged sonics and soundscapes that fill the ears with cinematic images while also filling the heart with passion. Secrets grabs the attention of the unknown.

  • Producer: Handel
  • Runtime: 15 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date:
  • ℗ Handel Rc, Distributed by Dvpper