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Grass Routes Podcast Episode 70: Def Jam's Bobby Session talks addressing white supremacy in mus


On this episode of Grass Routes Podcast, Def Jam Records’ new signee Bobby Sessions sits down with Brandon Killabh Hall and Erin Ashley Simon to talk about why he adds substance to his music and talks about police brutality, experience being black and more social issues in his songs (1:38), how he anticipates getting death threats for his music (14:13), How the white people in his circle take to his music (16:11), why he decided to say in Texas and build his music brand there (23:54), and his upcoming alum RVLTN: The Divided States Of AmeriKKKa (Chapter 1), which drops July 20th (27:45) Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Join our post episode discussion on Grass Chat (free GroupMe chat):

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