Grass Routes Podcast Episode 47: DJBooth writer Yoh talks click bait vs dialogue, Kid Cudi artic


On this episode of Grass Routes Podcast, Atlanta-based and DJBooth writer Yoh chatted with Brandon killabh Hall and Erin Ashley Simon about when he decided to go leave his 9-5 and become a full-time writer (8:49), when Kid Cudi flipped out on Yoh because of his DJBooth article (17:52), the fine line between having a solid relationship and being a friend with an artist as a journalist (21:31), difference between click bait and pieces that drive discussions (26:57), and how stoked he was seeing J Cole respond to his article (29:13). Additional topics His new book Best Damn Hip Hip Writing: the Book of Yoh (33:50) Join our post episode discussion on Grass Chat (free GroupMe chat): Full Episode on YouTube:

  • Release Date: April 12, 2018