Grass Routes Podcast Episode 30: Shy Glizzy talks Goldlink's "Crew," grammy nomination & growing

  • Feat. Shy Glizzy

On this episode of Grass Routes Podcast, Shy Glizzy aka Jefe talked to Erin Ashley Simon and Brandon killabh Hall about how artists want to come from the environment that he grew up in but that place isn't a cool place to be (11:10). This environment is one that's so bad that the city of D.C. wasn't allowing Shy Glizzy to perform in his own hometown because of his past. (5:08) But, with his hard work and Goldlink's grammy-nominated song "Crew" has provided a music alley-oop for Shy Glizzy to show that people that come from areas like where he's from can strive for more (19:30) Join our post episode discussion on Grass Chat (free GroupMe chat):

  • Release Date: January 23, 2018