Grass Routes Podcast Episode 137: Dennis Rodman May Be More Impactful Than Jordan, No More Jay-Z


Felicity Huffman is getting some jail time for the college scandal (03:38). But, that’s not the only thing the Grass Routes team talked about, of course we touched a bit on Tim Tebow’s recent “pay college athletes” comment (08:24). Also, do you think Dennis Rodman is more influential than Michael Jordan? (15:06) and is Suicide Squad’s new cast good? (34:43). Lastly, we got into Meg thee Stallion and if we should stop comparing Jay-Z with Biggie (47:11). Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Subscribe to our Newsletter: Join our Free Fan Group Chat on GroupMe: Twitter Https:// Instagram Shot/Edited: Team:

  • Release Date: September 17, 2019