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Grass Routes Podcast Episode 125: Are Celebrity Nudes Career Ending, Tory Lanez Out Fighting Col


Are nudes a big deal these days? Well, the Grass Routes team had an interesting conversation due to Bella Thorne being critiqued by Whoopi Goldberg for having nude photos of herself (05:51). The convo then takes a switch to discuss Tory Lanez stopping a director from switching out a dark skin girl for a light skin one (27:14). Is this authentic? And lastly, PPV Bieber vs Tom Cruise MMA, who would win this fight? (42:00). Be sure to continue this conversation by leaving a comment below and on Twitter using @grassroutespod or #grassroutespodcast. Here are ways to get involved and help with the Sudan crisis : Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Join our Free Fan Group Chat on GroupMe:

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