Grand KhaiLove You, Love You Not

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Stream/Download: Follow Grand Khai: Produced: Taylor King Mix/Master: @RawQwlty Lyrics She only want me cause I’m famous She Want a vacation A place to stay that She don’t wanna pay for I ran outta patience I just wanna kick her out that door but I want more but She coming back but She don’t want more love She want my racks Wanna ride on the tour bus I don’t really want her I just wanna kick her out that door but I want more but She be trynna play me Heavy on the daily I smoke it off like c’est la vie Now we becoming strangers Hardly be engaging I was gonna buy that wedding ring But we done fell off bad Had to cancel all that I wasn’t feeling your energy But I just wanna love you I don’t really wanna be forever enemies My life changing She see chains swangin’ gold chains and everything Don’t wanna entertain it But I be feeling crazy Cause I’ll be damned if somebody else buying you things No I can’t take it I can’t see you out here with no other man Don’t wanna entertain it Feel like you my favorite

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  • Producer: Taylor King
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  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
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