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Grace Weber featuring Chance the Rapper Thru The Fire

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Grace Weber

Thru The Fire is about resilience and using the fire within you to make it through anything, no matter how hard the world or life is bearing down on you. It's about owning your truth and never giving up. When Chance put his verse on this, everything came together and it all honestly felt magical. Giving him the vocals and track for ‘All We Got’ and then him laying down a verse on ‘Thru the Fire’ was a full-circle moment for sure. My favorite line of his verse is, ‘I don’t know defeat.’ I went through some wild things the past couple of years and his verse helped pull me out of a low place; his verse became my pump-up, comeback, Rocky-running-up-the-steps moment. I’m super grateful to Chance for helping me out of a low place with his verse, I hope the song can do that for others.

  • Producer: Nate Fox, Nico Segal, Garren Langford & Peter Wilkins
  • Album: A Beautiful Space
  • Release Date: