Godilla Altered Beast


"Altered Beast" is a collaboration album which serves as a sequel to the previously released "Battle Beast-A Prelude to Human Zoo". This album is rooted in the golden era sound that inspired Godilla. The album is engineered by Marcus "M-Dot" Emery and features artwork from Lateef A. Reid of CRMNL Elements. Album Features: Spit Gemz, Capital I-Man of the Mexakinz, Shallow Pockets of Psych Ward, June Marx, Burke The Jurke, G.S. Advance, J.O. The Last Man, Slim DSM, Ali Armz, Adlib, GlomGold, Ghetto MC, Respect Tha God, Sick Six, D.R. FowlMouf, Rich Quick, East Coast, Nico The Beast, Aeyone Cuts by: DJ TMB & DJ ABSURD Production by: JBL The Titan, The Snowgoons, UG, AIMS, HAZE ATTACKS, DJ RYBE, Scarcity, SKAMMADIX, Glomgold, X The Detective, Jay-One, Tablis, Hakiki Bela, Sun 7

  • Runtime: 59 minutes, 18 songs
  • Release Date:


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