G Koop and O-Man Profile EP

  • Feat. Skipper & CJ


Oakland production team G Koop and O-man returns to the spotlight with Season 3 of its innovative beat-making documentary series. The team (including frequent collaborator Anthony Caruso) has worked with Rihanna, Domo Genesis, Royce The 5”9’, The Game, Drake, Funkadelic, Atmosphere, & Future (among many others) as well as video game soundtracks including The Last of Us, Journey, and Bloodborne. Each episode of the show documents a collaboration with various artists and musicians. In Volume 55 the group joins forces with Skipper (HBK Gang) on the track “Profile" and a handful of remixes, including the “Big Bounce Mix” which also has a guest verse from CJ.

  • Producer: G Koop and O-Man & Anthony Caruso
  • Runtime: 28 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: