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G Koop and O-Man Ascent EP


Volume 56 is anchored by frequent collaborator CJ (HBK Gang) and Clay (LA based singer/songwriter) on “Ascent”. They walk us through their creative process in the episode, as does guitarist Wax Roof. For the EP, the GKOM team mutated the core material of “Ascent” to create two additional tracks: the hypnotic “Ascent Part II Rotation,” which features CJ, singer/songwriter Khyenci, & ST Spittin (Schmop Life); and the frenetic “Ascent Part III Everybody Wanna Don’t Dance," a showcase for drummer Omayga’s uptempo funk grooves and some classic vocoder & talkbox.

  • Producer: G Koop and O-Man & Anthony Caruso
  • Runtime: 33 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: