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Zoinks ResERECTion By Zoinks


"ResERECTion by Zoinks" Is A Project/EP/Tape contains rapping and beats produced by Zoinks. That concludes a childish, shy and weak like mindset/sprit that I used have and lingered with me 6th-11th Grade If you see me or talk to me in person after this. You will realize that I've have grown (More like evolved) into this more mature character. I'm not that goofy ass kid no more. I've Evolved. I have moments, but I think this is how imma be till I face death. This project will have many themes such as... Sex, Drugs, Religion, Rock n Roll, Bad habits, Comedy, Sadness, Eternal and Everlasting Nostalgia and Beats that will be available for purchase (NO FREE BEATS) Also no free beats . ("Audio Track" Beat is Produced by J.dilla, as well as "snippets") Thank you Sonya and Sean. (Mom & Dad)

  • Producer: Zoinks and J dilla
  • Runtime: 50 minutes, 13 songs
  • Release Date:


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