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ghettoartiz freestyle rap


dedicated to listing black artist from the bronx nyc where freestyles in the 90s became a deadly sport beat a rapper in a freestyle and you bound to get shot kuz of the embarrassed rapper who aint even built to be a murder but the sign of macho is to be expressed in freestyle form such as the lions roar and king of the jungle much different from just recording a song the other artist can stsill be the victor it does not matter how many albums you sold or streams you gout what is the deal is how official and real you are in word and topic selection as well as transitions to the next topic in relation to your 16 bars to unified in a clear definition and meaning but yet still in rap form and spit in bars off the head make sense and keep it real simple rules to follow it aint about being gangsta its about knowledge and how you use it in the style you preach it at the drop of the dime no hesitation cock back and release like a gun if you wit me and want in I take donation for slots time here I will sharing this playlist world through my official artist channel on youtube and several other channels this is opportunity for upcoming artist in america or where ever I have world wide reach

  • Runtime: 93 minutes, 26 tracks
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