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Geovanni Modern Boy


Art and reality are siblings. It’s been that way since forever. I was always a lowkey dude. But I expressed talent, and I wanted to work to display that. When I gave it to the world, people didn’t care of my status. To them, my creation was a diamond, a potential bomb, a thrilling outlook on life and sound, and they wanted in. I am Geovanni Robinson. I'm a singer, writer, rapper and producer from The Bahamas. I started my musical journey in 2017 with an IPad and a cheap headset. After progressing the quality over 5 projects I’ve amassed a dedicated following and crafted my own sound. The reality of 2019 has birthed “Modern Boy,” my project. It’s a body of work that exudes childlike fun, unforgettable nights and good music guaranteed to give you vibes every time you press play. Always believe in your sauce, and I thank you for listening. - Geo.

  • Producer: Geovanni
  • Runtime: 26 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date: