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Knowing General Splash

I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. Music for me started when I was a little kid, I have always love sound especially when you grow up among people who don't go by their day to day activities without listening to music, my parents got Cd's collection of various home bases music legend from Fuji, Apala, Gospel and many on. So It wasn't so hard for me to discover myself and make music at this level even it took a couple of years to discover my true sound. Speaking of my style of music, I created my own sound which I call "AFRO RAGGA" , it's a smooth blending of the Reggae flow with the sound of Afrobeats and I make "AFRO HIP-HOP" too in which majorly falls under the HIP HOP genre. My music are based on reflection of my truth, most of the time personal experiences and some times I just place myself in other people's world and I write stories that reflects their personal truth of l

  • Runtime: 77 minutes, 23 tracks
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