Chizzy Connections Part II


Gated Community Music Group artist Chizzy releases the second installment for his collaborative effort initiative entitled "Connections".Connections is not a body of work where one artist is supposed to outshine the other featuring artists, it is a body of work which is put together for the point of unity and showing that the SA hip hop scene can accomplish a lot more together.This installment features the whole Gated Community team again (obviously) but on separate tracks this time as well as #SOLIncubator artist BlakSuga, Cape Town's upcoming God BlaQ-Slim as well as other very talented and hard working artists such as Cozmik, OhGooch, Dizzy, FutureKid, Always Catching Envy (A.C.E), Rexss and Lorenzo Francisco.Peep the second installment and tell us what you think.
  • Producer: Various
  • Runtime: 29 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date: October 29, 2017