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Gangstagrass My Brother, Where You At?


The idea for the mixtape was born from a GG rehearsal, and the discussion of our doing versions of classic bluegrass tunes. It stuck in R-SON's head that there was no real treatment like that of classic Hip hop songs, but if anyone could do it, Gangstagrass could. Choosing songs with very recognizable samples that were also easily translatable with the band's instruments, the tape began to take shape. The initial track list grew to over fifteen songs in a matter of hours, so we decided it'd be necessary to trim it and make it a multi-volume project, adding new songs, styles and artists. After the track list for Volume 1 was pared, weekly rehearsals began in December 2019. On January 5th at JayBlakLabs in Philadelphia, the entire project was recorded.

  • Runtime: 25 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date: