G.R.A.M.Z Cupcakes (2018 Remaster)


If you know me then you know how important this tape was for me.. my first 4fun mixtape but my third as a artist period... it’s still near and dear to my heart and the memories of recording are magical. s/o everyone who Came thru the fun house to help natty monsta, den10, najee and dj chase. chace infinite was supposed to be on this too but he but couldn’t find the fun house door on nostrand (the fun house used to be on top a nail salon 😂) and my high ass didn’t hear my phone ringing lol but still let me have my now classic release party at the legendary prohibit shop. So to celebrate the 7 year anniversary and the demand of fans and friends i decided to remaster and re-release my infamous mixtape CUPCAKES.. if you never heard it here u go...

  • Producer: hannibal king, tev 95 & the stuyvesant
  • Runtime: 27 minutes, 16 songs
  • Release Date: January 13, 2018