G-B-ENRY Shader in a Gang



Ooh 😮 - ooh 😮 I was told love your neighbor But in my country We fuck with the neighborhood Money like a rain ice on me Like a man now In a Gang shit 88 millions In a billions Dollars 💵 In a bank 🏦 Ooh 😮 FBI In a roll Pulling with the pop Like a China 🇨🇳 na When am chasing bag Like the hush. Puppy Got dreams Like the Shader gang We rolling In a top 88 millions dollars 💵 In a Paid day Self mood 2 4 7 Every drip 💧 drop Got a banging day Never give up Work Work In a banging time It could be your Raining day if you work hard in hard 😓 In a big bag 💼 Account tax refund Eee Look at my drip drop Like a raining 🌧 In a blessing Like a GODSON Is my Nike name In a shader .... 2 4 7 Time times View view Money making Pulling all ice

  • Producer: G-B
  • Release Date: