Banghook & Kuka Love Story

  • Album: Banghook & Kuka - Love Story

Future House Music

Banghook & Kuka’s ‘Love Story’ really sets the vibe for summer. Starting off with slightly melancholic chords, there is an underlying energy which cannot help but keep you on your toes. The deep male vocals catch you slightly by surprise, however the synergy of all the elements come together perfectly. When the buildup begins, the melody is subtly introduced which brings that latent energy to the forefront. As the drop hits, you're blasted high energy, and simultaneously the heavy bass emulates the feeling of a future trance song. Nonetheless, the deep bass and seductive male vocals also give off a slightly more deep house feeling which is everything you would want for a summertime banger!

  • Album: Banghook & Kuka - Love Story
  • Release Date: April 21, 2020