Fresh Emir Kano All Stars - Ramadan Mubarak


Fresh Emir

The month of Ramadan is a holy and special month to all Muslims across the world, it’s a month to purify souls and get closer to the GOD almighty, and this year’s Ramadan came with a special song from Kano all stars to help remained everyone he importance of the holy month to us all. It’s the first time ever to have such collaboration among these artists who specialize in different genre of music. The song which was sponsored and produced (audio and video) by two of Kano’s talented video directors MSK and Mus’ab Hausatop, featured some of the big names in the Hausa Hip Hop Industry, especially here in Kano state. They are likes of M-kay, Fresh Emir Hazy D-Star, Alameen Triple Dabo Daprof, Don Abba Sonikman, D man Habibu Lafazi. The audio and video are all online for downloads and are

  • Producer: Msk & Musab
  • Album: Ramadan
  • Release Date: