Frequency Vibez My Way - Fetty Wap feat. Drake (Padillion Remix) (639hz)

  • Feat. Drake

🔥 ‼️Presence of Good Vibes‼️🔥 🎶@Fetty Wap - My Way (Padillion Remix) ------------------------------------------------------------ Informant ✔ - Benefits of the 639 Hz Frequency: • It’s a frequency enabling the creation of a harmonious community as well as interpersonal relationships. • It encourages the body cells to communicate with their environment. • It’s a frequency used in balancing the energy center, Heart Chakra. • The frequency enhances understanding, love, communication, and tolerance. • Attract love and positive energy. • Raise vibration. Use Musi - an app which allows you to stream YouTube songs free ------------------------------------------------------------ 🚫 ignore these bad bois 🚫 #432hz #528hz #444hz #639hz #healing #music

  • Release Date: October 30, 2020