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ANDY Ekaabo


Freeme Music

The song video Ekaabo which is being released along side the other audio, was inspired in year 2006 at our MOLI YOUTH WORLD during our prayer and rehearsal session. The song Ekaabo has evolved through the years and is presented as a fusion of Western rhythm and Afro-beat this Christmas for your listening delight. Our producers Forest Streams Studio (audio) and Michael David Production did a fantastic job to make this song a great delight for our wonderful audience. Ekaabo means welcome. It reminds us of the birth and welcome of Jesus. The true message of Christmas is welcoming divinity into humanity - receiving all that He is and living the life of God. Welcoming Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord and personal savior is the reason for the season which should me maintained till J

  • Album: Halleluyah
  • Release Date: