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Arrel The Fisherman Son

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This is to formally inform the general public of the impending release of a musical project from fast-rising artiste, Moses Oghenare, who goes by the performance moniker — ARREL. This project is the culmination of a significant period of work and visibility on the Nigerian entertainment scape. The title of the EP Album — 'The Fisherman Son' — is derived from the twin belief that no man can constitute an island; and that every earthly endeavour needs divine guardianship. The musical project soon to be released for public consumption is an EP-type Album containing 6 original never-before-released tracks and a bonus track. The tracks can all be categorised as Afro-Pop/ Dancehall in genre, and they embody the glam, zest, suaveness and style that has come to characterise ARREL's shot at stardom. It is only natural that the next evolution of ARREL's career in a music industry as competit

  • Runtime: 18 minutes, 7 songs
  • Release Date: