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‘GRATITUDE MY ATTITUDE' is the latest Album released by Revd. Nathaniel EBORUSI, popularly known as Pst. Nath. It has 6 POWERFUL tracks loaded with words of GRATITUDE to God Almighty. These tracks include Wekobiruo, Olisa Kenuwa, Eguolo We, Jesus Oga and Most High God. Wekobiruo Cover. WEKOBIRUO; which means GRATITUDE is an INDIGENOUS Urhobo song, received in an atmosphere of deep intimate love relationship with the father in worship. It describes the nature of God's Love LAVISHED on man not because of anything good he has done but for His unconditional Love, Mercy and Grace. I can assure that the songs in this album will usher you into the very presence of His Majesty. OLISA KENUWA; is an INDIGENOUS Igbo song, received and inspired by the Holy Spirit with the heart of a worshipper describ

  • Runtime: 33 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: