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JargoKush Smoke Weed And Mind Your Business (S.W.A.M.Y.B)

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Freeme Music

Swamyb has been the movement of the Afro pop singer (JargoKush) which is an acronym (Smoke Weed And Mind Your Business). On this journey of Swamyb,Jargokush came up with this Afrocentric and great body of work ,involving great talents and like minds,crossing borders and overseas to make sure this project becomes a success and appreciation goes out to all that contributed on this project,the Publishers,distributors and the fans that has been supporting the movement,God bless us all,Amen. In conclusion we at Kush Empire Entertainment is proud to present this masterpiece to you,feel free to speak about it,share it and enjoy it.

  • Runtime: 43 minutes, 13 songs
  • Release Date: