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Phat Kat World Premiere

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Phat Kat is celebrating the impending re-release of his phenomenal 2007 album, ‘Carte Blanche,’ by sharing the raw, stripped-down, straight-up filthy “World Premiere” produced by none other than, J Dilla. For Phat Kat, it’s an opportunity to talk his sh*t over one of Dilla’s grimier, barebones instrumentals, which is very much in line with what he was producing at that time. And among other bars, the chorus of “Emcees out there, you better stand clear/ That n***a Phat comin’ with the world premiere” is bound to get wrapped around your brain for days to come. “World Premiere” is now available for stream and download through all digital retailers, and is one of two Dilla-produced bonus tracks on the ‘Carte Blanche’ re-release, which hits digital retailers and streaming platforms this Friday, July 27 via Below System Records.

  • Producer: J Dilla
  • Album: Carte Blanche (Re-release)
  • Release Date: