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Fullee Love Soup J5 presents Fullee Love: Free, White & 21

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Overcoming preconceived notions can be a real challenge, especially for an artist like Soup of famed underground Hip-Hop collective, Jurassic 5. The West Coast artist has worked painstakingly these past few years to move beyond his past and showcase a new sound to the world. And he’s doing exactly that as Fullee Love, while embodying the spirit and soul of the ‘70s and ‘80s with a fresh sound, unique voice, and important point of view on his sophomore album, ‘Free, White & 21.’ “Fullee Love is a name I’ve known for years,” he says. “It’s cool, humorous, and shapeless at this point. It has freedom written all over it and that’s what’s needed.” That freedom can be felt throughout the album’s 17 tracks that follow the theme of being “free, white and 21,” a saying that was popularized by Hollywood in the 1940s. At that time, white women (mostly) used the phrase to announce their independence, which Love is doing on here in multiple ways. In addition to throwing a middle finger at white privilege, he is exploring a Funk-fueled sound that’s driven in part by the project’s sole producer, Nick Green of The Internet.

  • Runtime: 36 minutes, 17 songs
  • Release Date: