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Foul Mouth Jerk New Sheriff In Town


Slurs, whether you mean the impaired speech of drug addled barflies, or just abusive language and colorful insults, nobody does it better than the whiskey breathing, three headed monster that is Foul Mouth Jerk, Tame One and TopR. The lead single off the Jerk's upcoming sixth full length, "Death By Misadventure" is classic, grimy, B-Boy funk spit from three veterans in the game. A razor sharp scratch montage by European DMC champion DJ Grazzhoppa on the hook, brings it all together over a beat by Reef Ali that's more menacing than Godzilla's dick. Album available 4/20/15…Tell a friend, tell a foe, tell everybody you know.

  • Producer: Reef Ali
  • Album: Death By Misadventure
  • Release Date: