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For All Nerds Welp... Dark Phoenix


For All Nerds

Another One... Word to Khaled, we are back with yet another instant classic of an episode! This time we had to discuss Dark Phoenix, and why did Fox even decide to make this story yet again... In some happier news we also speak on The Black Godfather, the new documentary film on Netflix from Reginald Hudlin, and why you need to see it asap. Plus... you know we had to speak about Striking Vipers.... I mean we done effed a polar bear and we still can't get that movie out of our minds. Not only that, you know we had to answer some listener questions in our Geekquently Asked Questions, and drop some new comic knowledge in our Comics I Copped! segment. TIME STAMP 0:00 to 10:50 - Black Godfather Discussion 10:51 to 20:50 - Dark Phoenix Spoiler Filled Review 21:33 to 40:00 - Striking Vipers Review 40:01 to 1:10:00 - Geekquently Asked Questions 1:10:01 to END - Comics I Copped

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