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For All Nerds Twitter Is The New Soul Edge


For All Nerds

Welcome back to another episode of your favorite podcast For All Nerds! This week we discuss: That Captain Marvel trailer[4:40] while Ben Ha Meen tries to tell us details of his clandestine site visit without having Mickey Mouse run up on him & Jason Momoa Auditioning to be...The Batman [23:00] In The #GeekquentlyAskedQuestions, you asked about graduate degrees [26:00], our top animated shows based on comics [35:30], Tumblr's demise [41:00] Growing your social media presence on Twitter without being spam [44:40] which leads to a "how did we start following each other" trip down memory lane [50:00]. Plus we give a shout to Shang Chi being slated as the next Phase 4 Marvel Movie. [1:00:00] In #ComicsICopped we discuss #CopIronheart and Ironheart #1, Wicked and Divine #40, Jeff FINALLY started reading Spider-Geddon, and Prodigy from Mark Millar [1:08:00] Be sure to check our Patreon (fo

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