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For All Nerds The Third Rail Recap (FanBros Special Delivery No. 42)


For All Nerds

The Third Rail Recap Episode might be the one that drives Chico Leo to launch himself out of the spaceship without an escape pod. That's right as much as Benhameen & Kimsonian love themselves The Strain it seems that Chico is straining to understand the logic of the characters on #DatStrain. At least Extant has been put to bed so we only have one show filled with characters doing stupid things for the sake of moving the plot forward. Lest we forget we also cover Boardwalk Empire which is in the beginning stages of it's final season. Boardwalk is definitely ending before overextending it's stay, but is the last season worth watching? Tune in with the FanBros and listen to The Third Rail Recap episode, and Subscribe on Itunes, Like us on FB, and join us on Stitcher!

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